Your Moving House Checklist 

Moving to a new home can be a very daunting and stressful task, especially if you have plenty of belongings that you plan to take with you. However, by carefully planning and organising your move, you can minimise the stress of switching from one place to another. Here is a thorough checklist for your moving house in Wellington that will certainly come in handy: 

1. Two Months Prior To The Move

• It is essential to firstly confirm the date of your move before doing anything else. If you know the exact date, you will be able to carefully plan every detail and avoid last-minute stress;
• Tell your landlord that you plan to move. If you live in a rented dwelling, then make sure to notify your landlord at least two months in advance. This way, he will be able to find somebody else to replace you;
• Look at hiring a professional moving company. A very common mistake people do these days is that they only start looking for professional removers a few days before the actual move, which can be very stressful. The sooner you sign the contract, the better – besides, this way you will also prevent any unpleasant situations;
• Start to de-clutter your home. It is highly recommended to get rid of all the belongings that you no longer need or want a couple of months in advance. Only this way you can be sure that you will not leave anything behind!

2. Four Weeks Before The Moving Day 

• Confirm all the arrangements with the professional furniture movers. This should be done one month before the moving date, and make sure to get a written confirmation along with all the costs;
• Start packing the essentials. If you plan to take pieces of furniture or other large objects, start looking for packaging and boxes several weeks ahead. Also, make sure to pack books and other clothing that you will not use in the near future, as this will remove your overall workload.
• Notify all the important people about your move, from close friends and family to the post office and such. Make sure to have your mail forwarded to your next address. 

3. The Moving Day 

The long-awaited day has arrived. If you have taken care of all the arrangements mentioned above, then the moving day should not be stressful in any way. All you need to do is to verify everything and to make sure that the moving company shows up at the established hour, and everything is carefully uploaded and ready to be transported to your new home. It is also very important to make the final inventory before you leave – revise this checklist, just to make sure you have packed everything!


Choosing a good, reputable and trustworthy moving company in Wellington is crucial, especially if you plan to transport valuable belongings and you want to be sure they will reach their destination in one piece. The good news is that every experienced moving company will offer you a warranty that protects your goods, if anything goes wrong on the road. Ask your friends, family or neighbors for recommendations, and you will surely find a professional furniture movers in Wellington that will make the transition go smoothly!